By: Mohamad

Hani helped me sell my condo in downtown Toronto recently after previously helping me rent it for a couple of years, where he has been really helpful in getting me the right tenants. When I decided to sell my apartment, I talked with Hani who shared a lot of insights about the market and helped me figure out the right time to sell. From the staging and listing process to the timing, initial valuation and negotiation with multiple interested buyers, Hani was invaluable sharing his advice and managing every step in the process in a great and timely manner. He cares about his clients and that shows from his work ethic and the way he puts himself in the client's shoes as he provides advice. Hani is also reliable, organized and trustworthy, not to mention his deep knowledge of the GTA market. I definitely recommend having him as your realtor for any of your real estate needs!

By: Adeel & Rabia

A fantastic agent! Hani is a very approachable and helpful agent, who took the time to understand our needs and find us what we want. With each viewing of a condo, Hani learnt what we did or did not like and used it to tailor future showings accordingly. He was also very helpful in giving us his 2-cents on the places we saw. As we are newcomers to Canada, his input was very much appreciated and insightful; he pointed out pros/cons that we otherwise would not have thought of. He's not just there to open the door and let us look, he actually helped us understand what we were getting into. There were a few days where Hani was not available due to personal commitments, and we had to try another agent due to urgency. It was a shocking change, and we couldn't wait for Hani to return! Hani is also a very nice and friendly person, who really made us feel at ease from the first day we met him (very punctual, too, more so than us!). Due to being new here, we had a hard time getting a landlord to accept our offer, but after a lot of searching, we finally found a very nice place, and it's thanks to Hani. Without a doubt, if and when we need a real estate agent in the future, whether for another lease or if we (knock on wood) want to buy a house, Hani will be the one we immediately call. Highly recommended. 5-stars for sure!

By: Saif

Hani helped me find a home 3 times in the last 3 years: first time to rent with my sister, second time to rent with my wife and finally to buy a home. In each time, we found the perfect place with all if not most of our exhaustive wishlist and within our budget, quickly, easily and without complications. I am blessed to have him as my real estate advisor and would recommend him to anyone anyway.

By: Tony Thomas

Hani Al Olabi is a great person to work with. Unless like other agents who try to sell what they have, Hani worked to meet the exact client requirement. We were not living in Ontario when we looked for an apartment, Hani himself visited each unit took videos and gave honest feedback. He never rushed to close deals, instead kept working on getting the right unit.

By: Suzanna & Ramy

The thought of buying an investment property gave me quite a bit of anxiety; so when my husband was keen on the idea, I was on the fence. What if we didn’t find a good place? What if we ended up with horrible tenants? What if we overspent on the property? Within the first few interactions we had with Hani, it was clear we were in great hands. His knowledge of the market was incredible, and he walked us through every step of the process. He even made recommendations on minor updates we could do to the place, put us in touch with trusted tradespeople, and then vetted our prospective tenants. My husband and I highly recommend Hani for all your real estate needs!

By: Atir Mir

One of the most important aspect in selecting a real estate professional for assistance to buy/sell property, is that the agent must be a Trustful professional, on whom the seller/buyer could relay on and remains a source of guidance at entire stages of the transaction. and that was very true with Mr. Hani Al Olabi. I am very delighted that I dealt with a trustful, reliable and professional person Mr. Hani, helping me out for both of my transactions selling condo and buying a detached house. Mr. Hani is surely the best fit, for someone looking for a trustful and professional assistance!

By: Rajendra

I would like to really thank Hani Al Olabi for the effort he put finding me the house for lease.Short and crisp Hani Al Olabi is THE BEST I would really recommend for all my friends. Tremendous Knowledgeable agent with very friendly nature.

By: Ramesh

Hani is very knowledgeable and honest. He never pushes or hides anything while communicating. I found him sincere and well organized in making plans in all stages during house hunting. He follows up regularly to check if there was anything which is not up to our satisfaction and he ensures all our requirements meet as we expect. I always trust him as he is expert in real estate.

By: Omar

A friend of mine who rented an apartment through Hani, a year ago, strongly recommended I talk to him when I moved to Mississauga. He is super knowledgeable and was very open and honest when showing me apartments yet never pushed me to make a decision I was not comfortable with. What I liked most about him is that he knew the details of the process and that made it easy to trust him. Great real-estate agent but more importantly, a great person.

By: Ehab Mir

If you are looking for a real estate agent Hani is the man for you. He is extremely professional, personable, and detailed oriented. You won't be disappointed.

By: Mohammed Mir

Excellent customer service, I thank Hani for his efforts and dedication to fulfill my requirements and serve like a family. Thank you Hani!!

By: Mustafa

From beginning to end a fantastic experience. Hani Al-Olabi was there with me every step of the way and went way above and beyond what I expected. Thank you Hani

By: Anonymous

I can't think of a better example of quality service, integrity and professionalism mixed with discipline, and dedication in meeting and exceeding client expectations. I was so blessed to have Hani Alolabi who helped me in selling my condominium. He gave me his honest view which conveyed good ideas and interest. Thank you so much of all the time and effort you invested. Your dedication and hard work is highly appreciated. I will definitely work with you for my next home purchase. Cheers!

By: Nabil Dabaan

Good quality service, integrity and professionalism mixed with discipline, dedication in meeting, exceeding client expectations and replies on spot. I was so blessed to have Hani Alolabi who helped me in selling my condo. I will definitely work with you for my next home purchase.

By: Chadi & Hala

1st time we dealt with Hani; we were so lucky to work with him; he is very professional, prompt and with great personality. He crosses the extra mile to help, always accessible and moreover very attentive to details. It’s was such a great experience, we were very happy in selling our house smoothly and fast. The most important we gained a good friend like Hani. Hani will always be our contact and reference.

By: Jeff,Anne and Angel Lingad

The house that our agent Mr. Hani Olabi got us was so perfect for us. Even our family and friends loved it they say that it was so nice and beautiful...actually this is what me and wife were looking for a move in ready house for us...since I don't have the skills to fix anything (yet)....he just found something that all we have to do is make it more beautiful to live in...also the price was within our budget...nothing else to ask for...since day 1 up until we settled in he was always there if I need an answer for anything regarding the transactions and referred us to great people like the house inspector..moving company and list of lawyers that were very helpful... By far...we are recommending Mr Olabi to my family, friends and people who visit my house and appreciate what he has helped us with. Two thumbs up...perfect score...for you sir... Thank you very much

By: Mohamad A

Hani was great in helping me rent my condo in downtown Toronto. He has been very organized, attentive to detail, trustworthy and committed to working with me before, during and after renting out the apartment. Most importantly though, he put my best interest as top priority and cared about renting my condo to the right tenants as if it was his own! I would highly recommend working with him for any of your real estate needs as my personal experience with him has been way better than my previous experiences interacting with realtors!

By: Mahmoud Al Nouri

Hani is an amazing real-estate agent. He knows his profession very well and knows GTA like the back of his hand. Hani helped me find a condo for renting in Toronto. He quickly understood my requirements and only showed me the units that fits my need and budget. He went extra miles and provided me with great customer service and tips even after signing the lease and moving-in to my new place. It is so comfortable to deal with Hani, He has a great personality, amazing work ethics and outstanding knowledge of the real-estate market, trends and laws. Hani is a trustworthy professional and I would be happy to work with him again in the future and refer my network to him. I felt confident that I am dealing with a real-estate broker who knows what he is doing, and I am confident that any new client will have the same feeling when working with Hani.

By: Anonymous

I had switched 2 different Agents before meeting Hani. He was by far the best and we ended up purchasing a home with him. He was the first to listen and pay attention to our needs. He only showed us properties that fit our description and was very aware the importance of our time. He was patient throughout the process and never pushed us to make a decision we were not 100% on. Will be working again with him and would recommend his services without a second thought.

By: Asma

Hani has been a godsend in my life. I first met him 3 years ago when I was looking for a new place to rent with my roomate. , and though we had met with other realtors, we both agreed that Hani was by far the most knowledgeable, trustworthy, and sincere. He took the time to educate us and walk us through the current rental landscape, gave honest opinions about properties, pointed out things we would have never known, and informed us of our tenant rights. We spent multiple hours and weeks looking at properties with him, and we eventually found an owner on Kijiji renting out his unit, and Hani encouraged us to get it, even though he would get nothing from this. He also offered to review our legal paperwork! Fast forward to last summer, he helped my parents upgrade and stage their house, and it was sold for 230k over asking. He continues to nurture the relationship with my parents and always willing to help. This year, 2018, I was looking to buy, and Hani made the entire daunting process seamless. He helped me navigate the real estate market, knew exactly what I was looking for, would offer insights, and never pressured me to make a decision that I was not comfortable with. I had some issues with the real estate lawyers that he helped me navigate. He was great at answering all my questions, understanding my budget and needs, and quelling my apprehensions. I highly highly recommend Hani and the people whom I have referred to him have been equally impressed with him as a realtor and as a person.

By: Moe A

Hani is absolutely tremendous at what he does! He has helped me navigate my scattered views on the market and took the time to show me all my options (even when it included driving 2 hours out of the city). He also never pushed me to make any sudden moves that I wasn't comfortable with while showing me the statistical research needed to make an informed decision. When the time came to purchase my home, I was comfortable, secure, educated, and satisfied knowing that Hani will help guide me through any post sale issues. Keep it up!

By: Anonymous

Hani Definitly exceeded expectations. He made the process enjoyable and smooth. Listings were always up to date and accurate. He was always available for any questions we had or any concerns that would arise. He provided excellent advice and helped us make a good choice.

By: Hamza Wahbani

I would like to thank Hani Al Olabi. He is very Professional, Providing all the information's required to buy a new Home as a new Buyer, Multiple choices with Multiple Areas, He is ready any time any date even at weekend!! Friendly deal with customers

By: Dina & Salah

I have been dealing with real state agency in Canada for the 15 years at list till I meet Hani Olabi who worked to sell a condo for me my experience with him was great. First time I felt am dealing with professional that I can trust he has delivered his commitment in a short period of time and we were happy. In short words I recommend working with him because I felt he was honest and I can trust him

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